Our Mission

"We bring high quality food into the common network of stores outside specialised stores."

Our Vision

"We believe that even customers who do not purchase food for their pets in specialised stores have the right to a high quality, aimed at promoting the health and well-being of their animals."


Čerstvé maso

FRESH MEAT - thePet+ respects the natural way of animal feeding, and fresh meat therefore constitutes one of the essential ingredients that were used to make the products. Not only the high quality of the fresh meat used, but also direct system of its processing without unnecessary heat treatments prior to its addition to kibbles significantly affect the quality of the products, their nutritional value and palatability.

Grain free

GRAIN FREE - according to statistics, the number of dogs with allergies to a certain component of their food is increasing. Grain is a very common cause of allergic reactions. thePet+ grain-free food reduces the risk of potential allergic reactions.

Použití bylin

USE OF HERBS - herbs that constitute the active ingredient of the thePet+ brand products help to support health and wellbeing of pets in a natural way. They are carefully selected for individual products to meet the needs of specific animals. Natural antioxidants support the kidneys, digestion, immunity, detoxification of the body; all that and many other areas can be addressed in a natural way that is natural for the animals.


We have had our puppy just for a week. We received a sample of your kibbles and he will no doubt get used to them fast. I appreciate that they are grain free and contain plenty of meat and also herbs. It is great to see that you take the product composition seriously. I would be more than happy if I could buy them locally. I wish you every luck.

Anita G.

Thank you for the chance to test your cat food. As a busy mum on maternity leave, I would really appreciate if I could buy this premium quality cat food during my weekly shopping in our supermarket. Our boy cat just loved the granules, so I keep my fingers crossed and hope they will soon make their way to the local shops.

Petra B.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to try thePet+ food. Teddy, our Yorkshire Terrier, is really choosy and thinks twice about eating what he gets. Yet, he immediately fell in love with the Mini kibbles and polished off the whole bowl in an instant. I cannot wait to buy the food in our local shops.

Jane F.

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