Senior & Light

Holistic grain free food with chicken meat for old and overweight dogs of all breeds

Packaging options: 2,8 kg, 12 kg

Kloubní výživa

Joint nutrition – the proven combination of glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate helps retain water in cartilage through osmosis, improving its flexibility. Both components together help reduce issues related to stiff joints; glucosamine also has a beneficial effect against pain and inflammation caused by joint arthrosis.

Smetánka lékařská

Dandelion has a positive effect on urinary inflammation and kidney stones, regulates the production of gastric acids and improves the activity of the liver and kidneys.


Prebiotics are indigestible materials of plant origin that improve the host’s intestinal microflora, promote digestion and improve immunity.

Ingredients: meat (dried meat - chicken, duck and turkey 23 %, hydrolysed pork liver 3.5 %), potatoes, peas, poultry fat, beet pulp, linseed, brewer’s yeast, dried apples, salmon oil, alfalfa, minerals, parsley, milk thistle, nettle, dandelion 0.1 %, plantain, chicory root 0.1 %, glucosamine 0.03 %, chondroitin sulphate 0.02 %, yucca.

Analytical components: crude protein 25.5 %, crude oils and fats 13.5 %, crude fibre 3.4 %, crude ash 7.8 %, calcium 1.3 %, phosphorus 0.95 %.

Manufactured by:
Dibaq a.s., Helvíkovice 90
 CZ - 56401 Žamberk
Facility approval identification number:
 CZ 800335-01
Veterinary approval number:
CZ 14579